Forest Map Suspension and Submission of Objections

Suspension of forest maps for Attica from the 27th of July 2018

Forest maps have been posted for the following areas:

  1. Agia Paraskevi
  2. Anthousa
  3. Vrillisia
  4. Gerakas
  5. Neo Irakleio
  6. Neo Psyhiko
  7. Pallini

According to decision 170895/1620/16.07.2018 (ΑΔΑ: 6ΤΛΧ4653Π8-ΥΝ5) from Friday the 27th of July 2018, forest maps will be posted for the areas above.

Objections can be submitted until the 22nd of November 2018 for each area.

Submitting objections is a procedure that gives the opportunity for anyone that has interest in a property to object about the classification given to their property if it is classed as “ΔΔ, ΔΑ, ΑΔ, ΧΧ, ΧΑ,ΑΧ, ΠΔ, ΠΧ.” The part for which an objection is submitted is excluded from the final posting and final classification and classification is postponed until a final decision is made by an Objection Examination Committee.

In case of a final classification the Greek government might claim your property as public, because all forests, forest lands and grasslands are considered to be public until proven otherwise.

Citizens can be informed from the official site of the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A.

At Geotopo, we cooperate with forest legislation specialists, and we can help you to research, submit and support your objections.

We offer:

Electronic Objection Sumbissions

  • Location and delimitation of your property
  • Information and guidance
  • Application of the objection
  • Scientific and technical documentation of your objection
  • Collecting and all necessary documents
  • Sending in hardcopy all the documents to the Forest Map Posting Point (FMPP)

Photo Interpretation study

A photo interpretation and a technical report is sometimes necessary to accompany the objection as evidence. This report will prove or support the allegations of the interested party concerning the nature of the region disputed, for example whether it is a forestland/grassland area or not.

Technical Consultant representation in front of the Objection Examination Committee

Submitted objections are going to be examined by the Objection Examination Committee. This Committee is set up by (1) a Forester (President), (2) a Forester or a Topographer and (3) a lawyer.