Submission Of Ownership Declaration To Hellenic Cadastre

Geotopo Engineers undertake the whole process of submitting the ownership declaration of your property to the Hellenic Cadastre.

The Cadastre is a complete registration of all real properties and the (registrable) rights these bear across Greece; the aim of the Cadastre is to protect and consolidate these rights.

Cadastral Survey Stages:

  • Submission of property declarations
  • Formation of interim cadastral tables and diagrams
  • Suspension of the interim cadastral data(tables and diagrams)
  • Submission of objectionsto independent administrative committees or applications for the correction of a cadastral registration
  • Reformation of cadastral dataafter the examination of the objections and the correction claims and formation of the final cadastral tables and diagrams.
  • Commencement of the Cadastral Office’s operation in the particular areain place of the old Land Registry Office.

The ownership declaration to the Cadastre is mandatory by the law and constitutes a prerequisite for any action that involves the property in the future (e.g. transfer, parental benefit or donation).

Every person or legal entity that has real property or a registrable right on real property is obliged to submit a declaration to the Cadastre.

An up to date Surveying Plan is the most reliable way to make sure that your property has it’s ID. The plan includes X,Y Coordinates and all the necessary parameters so that the registration will be properly submitted with accurate and lawful information.

TAXISnet codes are needed in order to submit a declaration.

In our office, we retain a full and detailed record of the plans and documents delivered to you, which are available any time they are needed.


a) Simple photocopies of the titles that substantiate the rights on properties

b) Simple photocopies of the land registry transcription certificates regarding the aforementioned titles

c) A simple photocopy of Identification Card or Passport

d) An official document that reads the Tax ID Number of the declarer

e) Any topographic diagrams you may have depicting the properties declared

Specifically, it is compulsory to attach a topographic diagram when:

-it is attached or mentioned at the titles

-there is a building permit for the property

-there is a topographic diagram for an other use

-the right on property is usucaption



Documents substantiating the usucaption right, (e.g.  power or telephone bills, leases, evidence of subsidies, official boundary adjudication documents, mortgages, E9 etc.).

The documents must prove a 20-year occupancy and possession of the property.

If there is no acceptance of inheritance

WITH a will:

1)Title in the name of the person inherited (provided there is such)

2)Death certificate

3)Copy of the published will

4)Certificate that no other will has been published

5)Certificate that the inheritance is not renounced

WITHOUT a will:

1)Title in the name of the person inherited (provided there is such)

2)Death certificate

3)Certificate of the closest relatives

4)Certificate that no will has been published

5)Certificate that the inheritance is not renounced.