Digital 3D Models

Because of modern technological developments, the aerial survey is at the forefront of topography and classic photogrammetry. This method gives us a large amount of geospatial information, very quickly, using images taken from unmanned aerial means (UAV’s), such as drones.

The fast image capture, the use of appropriate image processing software, as well as the precision it provides, make the aerial survey ideal for surveying large areas, archaeological sites, quarries, large constructions and industrial areas

These high quality aerial images are combined with photogrammetry, and terrestrial methods using GPS, to give the full range of information needed for your project.

3D Digital Models

The creation of the 3D model and the production of the orthophotomap is achieved through photogrammetric methods using the aerial images of the area combined with GPS measurements.

3D survey

By using the latest in innovative technology, our 3D survey records an incredible amount of data. Highly accurate recordings of the angles and distances between points in the area will reveal complex levels of information that we can then put to use to successfully move your project along to the next phase.

3D Terrain models

We can produce detailed three-dimensional terrain models and objects showing the elevation of natural and artificial features and/or natural and artificial structures.

Orthophotomap production 

All of these models and surveys are used either independently, or as a part of the creation of an orthophotmap.  The orthophotomap ensures that all the details and elements of the terrain are rendered in the preferred coordinate system. In other words, an orthophotomap is a geometrically correct digital image, without and distortions or discrepancies, and the scale is correct.

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