Publication of new Forest Maps for Kythera

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The Forest Directorate of Piraeus, in accordance with decision no 20987/23-2/2021, has published the revised forest maps for the communities of the Municipality of Kythera. The maps are posted on the dedicated website for to the Publication of Forest Maps and Appeals of the Ktimatologio (Hellenic Land Registry).

Ελληνικό Κτηματολόγιο (

In the event an appeal (objection) is required to the new maps it may be filed starting March 12, 2021 for anyone residing in Greece. The appeal process will remain open for 105 days. Non-residents, who own or have a right to property in Greece, have an additional 20 days to file until June 15, 2021.

Individuals and Legal entities (public or private) as well as the Greek State and the relevant local authorities of first and second degree have the right to appeal (object), provided they have a real or obligatory right to the areas which are included in the posted forest maps.

Appeals (objections) can be made by owners who question the classification (forest or non-forest), the outline (shape) of the area, the correct representation, the application and the validity of the actions of the Administration and the legal change of in use.

NOTE ! For the areas where there is a ratified map and a revised forest map is published, only the revised portion of the new forest maps may be appealed. This applies for the part that has not been (previously) submitted with objections or an application for obvious errors.

The submission of appeals (objections) can only be filed online at the dedicated website of the Hellenic Land Registry (Ktimatologio)

Ελληνικό Κτηματολόγιο (


Common questions and answers regarding the Forest Maps

What is a forest map?

The published (posted) forest maps identify all land areas and determines the classification (characterization) of land as “forest” or “non-forest” in accordance with the forest legislation.  These classifications are based on the past use of the land and take into account the current form of the land.

How are Forest maps prepared and ratified?

  1. Initial maps are prepared by the researchers who have studied all available documents, aero photographs etc.
  2. Reviewed and approved by the Forestry Department
  3. Initial publication for public review and input
  4. Appeals (or objections) to the classifications are submitted after the publication period is completed
  5. If there are no appeals to a map, they are considered final and notice is given through the Government Gazette.
  6. If an appeal is successful that area is re-classified and the Forest Map is updated.
  7. Updated Forest Maps (which include appeals and corrections) are re-posted.   These maps are considered final and the decision is announced in the official Government Gazette.

What is the publication (posting) of the Forest Maps?

The publication (posting) of the Forest Maps by the Hellenic Land Registry is the process were one may check the classification of their land.  It provides the opportunity to appeal the classification if their land or part of is classified as forested.

Why is it important to be informed about the Forest Map publications (posting) ?

If your land is classified as forested or partly forested, it may have a direct impact on how the land is used and your rights as they relate to the land.  It is therefore critical to ensure the classifications are correct. In the event you need to appeal (object) you must do so within the set time limit.  In the event you do not appeal (object) an error or any disagreement you may have with the maps the maps as published (posted) will be ratified as final.

Who has the right to appeal?

Any individual or entity that has a direct or legitimate interest (ownership title, lease ect).

Note:  In areas where the forest maps have been ratified an appeal can be accepted only where a revision has occurred and there has not been a previous appeal (objection) filed for the specific area.

What is the deadline to file an appeal or to file an application to correct obvious errors?

105 days from the date of the publication of the new maps for residents of Greece and an additional 20 days (125 days) for non-residents.

How do I file an appeal?

Appeal applications (submission of objections) can be done electronically at

Ελληνικό Κτηματολόγιο (

In specific cases where a personal appointment is required, due to the restrictive measures of covid, appointments can be booked in advance at the Forest Map Posting Support Centers (SYADX).


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