Energy efficiency certificates

Energy Efficiency Certificates – Building inspections by our Energy Inspector

What is an Energy Certificate?

An Energy Certificate or the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) is an official document, acknowledged by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change (Greece). This certificate is issued by a specialised Energy Inspector and certifies the building’s energy efficiency.

After the inspection, every building is categorised according to its efficiency. There are nine categories from A to G and along with the certificate given, the inspector suggests ways in which the building can become more efficient.

When is the Energy Efficiency Certificate required?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is required for every building over 50sq. meters (whether it is a residential building or an office, educational building, commercial building, hospital etc) as follows:

  • • When the building or part of it is for rent (example: apartment) – residential or professional use
  • • When the building or part of it is on sale
  • • When a building is newly built or renovated
  • • An Energy Efficiency Certificate is required in order for the building to be included in the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is mandatory only for new contracts and not for renewals.