Design – Supervision – Construction

Our team at Geotopo, with it’s broad range of experienced engineers, can assist with all areas of building works including permits, cost evaluation, surveys, construction, and supervision, as well as the interior design of your taste.

Preliminary design – Final design

After taking into consideration all your needs, both aesthetic and functional, together with possible restrictions of existing legislation and budget, we will deliver to you the design of your building.

This includes two-dimensional floor plans, views, sections and three-dimensional representation of the building under study. These architectural plans can then be used to issue the necessary building permit.

Our meetings with you ensure that we are creating the building you want, both a functionally and aesthetically.

Building Permits

We take care of all the paperwork for the construction & building permits and ensure they are filed correctly with the relevant offices.

Detailed Final Design

Geotopo can also undertake the detailed final designs buildings and deliver to the client or the contractor (in case this is not us) a complete folder of the construction designs, which will ensure the quality of the construction of the project.

Project Budget – Evaluation of Costs

After completing the final designs, Geotopo can estimate with great precision the cost of every construction step as well as of the total construction.


Our portfolio includes some of the most beautiful constructions, and we work hard to ensure they are in keeping with the surroundings. Working together not only with great engineers, but also with great construction teams, ensures you get the result you want!


Our engineers are capable of supervising any construction. We aim to be on site on a daily basis, which ensures the quality of all the individual construction projects. At the same time we can also control the construction cost to make sure there are minimal deviations from the initial cost.