Surveying Plans

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We offer full and detailed land surveying, based on the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System 1987, and in line with all existing legislation

  • Survey Diagrams – Land and Building Surveys
  • Property boundary issues
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Studies along altitudinal gradients
  • Marking the border lines of foundation – Shuttering
  • Implementation acts
  • Implementation acts – Corrections
  • Conveyance to an adjacent property/landowner
  • Street Layouts
  • Repeal of the Expropriation Act
  • Engineer Certificates
  • Flow charts
  • Building plots fulfilling the building permits requirements – Inspections
  • Building surveys
  • Defined Land use – ForestService
  • Determination of shorelines
  • Triangulation and assessment according to the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System (1987)
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