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The Geotopo company - Certified Engineers – was established in 2008 in Athens, providing services concerning all types of engineer services as well as technical advice to civilians, local authorities, public and private sectors.Consisting of experienced and proficient engineers who are constantly updated and trained on new technologies, Geotopo offers high quality services, considering the contemporary technical equipment, guaranteeing their efficiency.

Our Services

Providing our customers unsurpassed scientific and economical services through their active participation and close cooperation.

Design – Supervision – Construction

Geotopo consists of experienced engineers who can undertake any issue of construction/building permits, cost evaluation, preliminary study, construction, supervision as well as the interior design […]

Digital 3D Models

Following the modern technological developments, the aerial survey is the emerging trend of topography and classic photogrammetry. This method offers massive and fast geospatial information […]

Surveying Plans

Full and detailed land surveying, based on the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System 1987, according to the existing legislation Surveying Diagrams – Land and building Surveys […]

Forest map suspension and Objections submission

Upcoming posting of forest maps and submitting objections from the 22nd of June 2018 Extension for submitting objections until the 31st of July 2018 for the suspension […]

Photo-interpretation Report & Photogrammetry

Aerial photographs demonstrate a fully detailed picture of the geographic information, the time they were taken. A specialized interpreter examines the aerial photographs thoroughly, usually […]

Legalization of Arbitrary buildings

Our Engineer office GEOTOPO consists of proficient engineers of all fields experienced in urban planning issues. We undertake the whole procedure of legalizing your property […]

Our Projects

Construction, Renovations, Surveys


Human Resources

Experienced and proficient engineers who are constantly updated and trained on new technologies

Athanasios Vlachogiannis

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Certified Court Expert of Athens and Piraeus. Education: Diploma of Rural and Surveying Engineer N.T.U.A., MSc Techno-economic Systems […]

Ioannis Kyriakidis

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Education: Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Specialization: Architectural Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior […]

Aggeliki Chatzipanagi

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Athens Court Expert. Education: Diploma of Civil Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Specialization: Issuance of building permits, structural […]

Our Latest Project

Summer House on Kythera


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